5 Reasons how sales consultants can help your business grow?

“Revenue! Revenue! Revenue!” probably this is most common word that any CEO from a Start-up to a Multinational Company (MNC’s) would talk about the most.

Why is that? You ask!

Definitely they all want to keep the business on, growing and flowing with capital to make more and better financial decisions. Often times it’s seen that start-ups, mid-sized organisations complaining on unable to acquire better sales opportunities. Few of the following reasons are:

  • Lack of competent sales professionals.
  • Lack of training and support
  • Absence of a systematic approach towards a campaign, decks, presentations, coaching, calling, lead generation & appointment generation.
  • Jack of all trade, King of none. Having too many services as an offering also paralyzes the sales team, as it becomes difficult for sales to bring in a single expert know it all people.
  • Absence of Internal process, poor client engagement methodologies and lack of CRM.

Now that we were able to list down some challenges that organizations face with respect to revenue growth, the best solution to move forward with respect to increasing revenue is bring in some external help such as consultants.

These are some of the reasons why we believe sales consultants are exactly what your business needs now:

  1. Ad-Wise:

Sales consultants are experts who specialize in creating and maintain valuable and fruitful relationships with both the buyer and the seller, by protecting the interests of both parties with utmost priority. Especially start-ups are supposed to take expert advice with respect to business development and marketing. It is often seen that organizations often spend on marketing online, with expectations to sell big.

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Business development or Sales Consultants will guide organisations especially start-ups and small companies to identify and help decision makers the needful action against their challenges.

  • Extended Support:

These days hiring a talented resource is fairly expensive, but like there is a saying, “Employees are Employees, the moment you pay them you kill the entrepreneur within them.” Organisations are to take costs for training, educating, pandemic situations, lack of performance, etc. when you hire an employee. But when it comes to sales consultants they work only based on your need and only for that need, and that need is revenue! Cost and pricing of the services vary based on the experience, markets, market-size, prospect quality, deal size and expectations, work type i.e. If only Lead/ Appointment Generation is expected or End to End Sales.

  • Outsourcing is the best option:

We always advise our clients to focus only on their expertise that maybe developing a new product, or maybe introduce a new service or brainstorm on the next potential offerings for customers. But sales, Leave that to us! The most common sighting that we have is that, most organisations have a very relaxed team, who have knowledge but lack the sales spirit to try out new techniques.

A sale is an art that can be learned, but it is not scientific, we often give this example during our sales meetings, “We teach a kid to draw, he does it! But now you expect to be creative like Pablo Picasso? He can’t, because he is not Pablo Picasso.”

Well I would not say that hiring an expert is cheap, but I could say that hiring an expert will always give you an extra edge in identifying and closing deals that your team lacked support in.

  • New Techniques need New People:

The most common challenge in start-ups, small-midsized and MNC’s are the lack of application of new techniques of selling or approach. It is true that not all techniques are noted or identified written down in a book or maybe online, but that does not mean it does not exist!

We believe sales is like inventing the Light Bulb, fail 9999th time and be successful in the 10,000th try!

But, who would try these?  Employees?  Highly doubtful. You plan on hiring new ones, don’t worry the existing rotten apples will take care of them. That’s where sales consultants directly add value to the organization’s because they directly work with the decision makers.

  • Easy to Integrate:

Start-ups and Mid-sized organisations already have small teams, and it adding an additional help is easy to integrate. It’s a challenge when it comes to established organizations only because of internal politics, unorganized culture, and disapproval to new methodologies. But there are organizations with a very adoptive culture as well, who integrate these new wings as far these consultants understand the companies values. Its easy to integrate professionals to ensure revenue generation.

What type of opportunity would you like to explore on working with sales consultants, let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear what you think.

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