When do I know that I can start my online business?

“These days setting up an online business, is hassle free. So setting up a cool website and other amenities will cost you a minimum of $100 anything above this, I would call it luxury!”

Firstly, business is not something that suits everyone, that’s because being an employee and being an entrepreneur not just has different jobs but also different goals, objectives and challenges.

Here, I would help you understand the “Why you should not get into business. If you are not ready to deal with the following”

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  1. No Time No Money:

Well, we can’t blame for us being time bound especially when it comes to working for someone else. Can we?

While we are employees we are very keen to keep ourselves pretty timely and complain not having enough time to do something fruitful apart from work, is that really the reality? because when we work for a company or an organisation we are only concerned about that time to time pay check. If that is how you prefer your life?

Then trust me, business is a really bad option for you. I am sure you have heard of this before as well, that business has nothing to do with what you are? Who you are? OR where you come from? All that matters is how much you are willing to bet with your life.

The article by the Inc., magazine has an article dedicated to motivate us “16 Daily Habits of Highly Successful People” that clearly briefs on this point why giving quality amount to time for your business is highly important.

  • Comfortable make you poor:

Staying poor is a choice, not a condition which is well explained in the Book “The Secret by Simon and Schuster”, for a matter of fact most of us choose to be poor because we are just way too comfortable doing the same thing over and over, that’s right! Nagging!

“I have seen a lot of people working the same job for like 20 years? Does that mean it took them 20 years to learn that job, or are they being loyal to the organization?”

I really find it absurd; when people call themselves industry experts just by working in a single organization for more than 7 years and trust me doing the same role. If this is something you are looking for job security, and then stick to it. In the next 100 years as well, you don’t have what it takes to do business. This does sound rude and controversial, but this is bitter truth! You will get respected in your organisation for the miserable number of years you have spent in an organisation, but when you head out for selling yourself as a brand you will realize that nobody really finds your knowledge way too pleasing. The reason behind it is the dynamics of the market is every changing and being an entrepreneur it’s always a challenge to have the ability to adjust quickly to the abrupt environment.

  • Introvert?

Well, most people may disagree with this point and some may even argue. “Who said introverts can’t do business? I never said it myself.

But, in business you can’t stay an introvert unless you are extremely wealthy or you have exceptionally loyal employees working and talking on your behalf. When living a life of an entrepreneur it’s highly likely that you are to interact with a lot of people that includes other businesses, employees, vendors, consultants, influencers, media etc. “Well, if you are scared who is going to talk to them?”

If you are like a turtle when people approach you trust me, a job is better and safer. Because if you can’t influence you cannot run a business.

Now, that you know what may stop you from going ahead with a business. Good luck pursuing your dream job!

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