HERE is WHY a WEBSITE is important for your business!

Often times we focus on having a physical presence to do our business activity, which may have been the need of the hour in the early 90’s. Today, everyone is online, connecting with potential partners and opportunities through the worldwide web a.k.a “Internet”.

Ever since the world has been hit by the global pandemic of the COVID-19 since February 2020, most organization were forced to close down their business and work from home. This has impacted a lot of business units in the manufacturing, machinery, electrical, medical rehabs, sports rehabs, academies, educational institutes to as a whole.

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Today, let me explain to you why a website for your business will increase more business opportunities during this global pandemic situation.


Your online marketplace

Most organization in the 20th Century have placed themselves online to attract the millennial’s, as they are the future buyers and sellers who has influenced the entire buying behavior since the early 2000’s. Today to own and build a business website is far more cheaper than owning a office space or paying its rent. Your online market place is considered in equal terms with your physical office space. Here, the best part is that you can work closely and attend to almost ‘X’ number of potential customers, that means more opportunities equals to more revenue. Now who doesn’t like that?

engage with global audience

Earlier growing your business globally was not very easy, most organisations had to depend on partners in a particular country of trade, or sales consultants or even the lead generation companies to connect with potential business opportunities globally. Since the Digital Era globally connecting with clients have now become stress free, as across industries businesses have become more confident to connect with potential prospects and and discuss future opportunities.

Cheap & Cost effective

Today owning website, just needs an ideal theme, a good hosting and a great domain name, definitely in your case, that is your business name. As there are many hosting providers in the market who offer a series of affordable services, buying a website is now hassle free. If you want to own a business website it usually costs ₹399/month to ₹699/ month spending anything more than this is completely not needed, if you are a startup. If you are a freelancer you have options starting from ₹99 onwards depending on your need and application.

asset that always appreciate

Most people do not know this fact and do not spend more time in cultivating their digital presence. There are different types of business and many young entrepreneurs actively buy, grow and sell their domain to potential buyers and businesses. Also if you are to up sell your business then this Intellectual property helps immensely in determining value to your business. at least that is how Whatsapp was bought by Facebook. Now you to can do it for your business as well!


dynamic revenue opportunities

Now a days earning money online has become tending, this allows your business to evolve by applying or utilizing the online marketplace for promoting your product or joining as affiliate partner and supporting your consumer base with a more effective proposal by getting them the best deal in the market. You can also make your business website available for passive income options such as placing google ads and other advertisement banners. Now a days traffic in the digital world is more valuable than time, if you know how to engage these customers with more valuable and useful content then you have made it all. Not only just the traffic helps your products or services to reach out to the potential buyers, but also can help other influencing services to be promoted in your website with a goal of helping your customers find everything they are looking for in one single spot.

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also please feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and family!

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