5 Important things your business website needs today

It is often seen that when most of us outsource the website designing and building activities to professionals and often times they tend to trick us, by keeping us less informed. Well it just isn't their fault, it is definitely our ignorance or fear of lack of understanding about the website development. Thanks to all these easy drag and drop website builders, now making a website yourself is possible!

A business website is not just a digital marketplace, there is more to it. I am sure your business needs a face, identity and also an opportunity to engage with potential audiences digitally, that’s a website.

It is often seen that when most of us outsource the website designing and building activities to professionals and often times they tend to trick us, by keeping us less informed. Well it just isn’t their fault, it is definitely our ignorance or fear of lack of understanding about the website development. Thanks to all these easy drag and drop website builders, now making a website yourself is possible!

So here are those 5 important things that your business website needs to have today!


If you already have a website, i am sure that these two things are assets already acquired by you. I am also certain, that if you are not using a business plan of any of the web hosting providers, then there are a lot of limitations in your website.

The first need of the hour is a domain name and domain name extension, this article WHAT IS A DOMAIN NAME EXTENSION? WHICH ONE SHOULD I GO FOR? will guide you more about domain name extensions you would need to help your business connect with the potential audiences.

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There are several web hosting service providers in the market, who offer a wide variety of services, these days you even get free SSL certificates and a free domain name for 1 year, i think that is a great deal. The hosting services vary based on the service provider and the services they offer.

For those of you who have used WordPress websites before, know how user friendly it is, and along with its SEO optimized features. Especially the new bloggers keep renewing their plans with WordPress despite all its limitations.

If you wish to use the WordPress website builder, you can do it. Even if you have a different web hosting provider other than WordPress’s partnering hosting provider “AUTOMATIC” all you need to have is the CPanel access > Download WordPress > Ready to go!

Compare Prices:

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We all like to have a cool looking website, and most of us do not know on where they could find these good themes, that best suits their type of business. Now you might wonder i am talking about free themes! Not really! Please understand that anything you get for free has its limitations, and why should you not reward the designers who have invested their valuable time to make our dreams come true!

Now how does a theme help your website you ask? Well there two types of website i.e Static & Dynamic.

A static website is the most common and a normal website, these websites do not have too many features in it, but depending upon your website designer and his/her creativity there are ways on how your websites can be made to look beautiful and appealing. The themes of a static website are usually the one pre-existing on WordPress, Blogger, Hostgator,, etc.

A dynamic website is what we call a smart website, that has complex plugins which helps your website become more interactive and appealing. These themes come with widgets and plugins which helps the website developer to add chat bots, video blocks, changing menu bar, testimonial columns, clients bar widget and so on.

So based on your need, and the niche that you cater to, good and highly interactive websites helps your customer stay longer on your digital marketplace ( webpage) and explore more.


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This is one such thing about a website, usually you would not hear if you have a tight budget. But, let me explain why this is the most important thing you need to know as business website owner or as an individual. All the other features mentioned in the list are almost common, and most know of it.

Let me explain why “VPN” or the Virtual Private Network is important for your website, before that let us talk about

What is Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a private network that enables sending and receiving information of the user or the recipient through a public network (internet) securely. A VPN service focuses on protecting the all digital assets and personal information’s including sensitive information such as bank credentials etc. from online phishing.

As business or as an individual exploring potential opportunities must be well aware of the threats of internet, and is responsible for protecting one’s own and your customers valuable information and credentials. This will not just impact you but also your customer and your business as a whole. If you are a large enterprise or an organisation that works with clients and e payments are accepted, Virtual Private Server (VPS) is highly recommended.

So please remember next time you meet your website developer, he needs to work on this first!


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The are free tools made available by google to help us understand, identify and promote our offerings based on the potential audience and their interest. Often many business owners and individuals are unaware if their website has been indexed properly, whether their content is SEO optimized, or what is the source of the their traffic.

I have seen many companies especially startups, who know that their developer has integrated their website with Google Analytics, but the business owners have no idea what needs to be done with it and often times are tricked by professionals and levy high charges for such a simple activity.

Wait a minute! what i am saying here is that analyzing google analytics is easy, if you are quick learner and there are a lot of information available on the internet, to learn and apply Google Analytics.

Next, is the google search console earlier known as the webmaster tools which helps your website to be crawled by the google bots, it basically reads through your website and every single piece of content from images, to all your information which is called indexing. It is important that your pages are indexed. As google always looks out to serve its customer with the most relevant information and that information may be your website today!


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website plugins

Firstly, please note that these plugins can only be activated if you own a business plan or anything higher, at least that is the case if you have your hosting with WordPress.

I am sure you are thinking, What is a plugin?. In simple words its an additional application that helps you accomplish your objectives with ease i.e. without coding. So now i believe that you have that wicked smile on your face, which is good because i had them too.

Plugins help you with smoothly integrating additional features that your initial website lacked or did not support. Plugins give you the freedom to explore and exploit your existing website infrastructure, that means turning your website from a beast to beauty!


We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also please feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and family!

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