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10 Features you won’t get in a free WordPress website

I know that we all started our journey exploring more about websites definitely using these free platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Wix and many others. But, as we start our journey, we realize that these websites are free for a reason, and that is you don’t have any privileges. I am not saying that these services must be free, but it must have some type of experience wherein people would enjoy, rather than sit and explore, because we all know that making a website is difficult on its own, it gets crazier when you have to maintain it!

So if you are planning on exploring and setting up a WordPress free website, here are 10 features you would not have access to. So lets get started.


Now most of us who are exploring the free website and website development, its fine that even if you do not have a normal domain name. But if you are planning to become a full time blogger or plan to start a business on WordPress, let me tell you this free website would not be a good idea. Why?

First of all your website would look like “” that means you are currently a freebie website user, Tell me how would someone work with a business who cannot even afford a business website, i.e. it shows that you are not serious or in most cases are fraudulent! If you are blogger, it will take some really long time to get noticed. Sometimes maybe a little earlier if you post some really good engaging content.

storage space

Well you have been posting some amazing content on your free website, your blogs are catching attention and people are enjoying reading your blogs, but one fine day you get a message. “Your Storage is full, please upgrade.” and the thing is it may have happened way sooner than you expected.

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This has happened to me as well, and what did i do? Nothing. I stopped blogging. That was because i too was skeptical whether i would be seriously blogging and communicating with my reader base or not. This is where most of the free website bloggers quit their journey of blogging not because they are not serious nor because they aren’t good at what they do! It’s mainly lack of confidence.

So if you are looking for something long term, a free website would be a complete no go! As the Maximum storage space you get is 3 GB only!!

editorial access

Now the moment you start using and exploring the features, you realize the most important thing you are missing in a WordPress website is the editor rights. In short imagine if you need to edit the header or the footer for SEO purpose it is not possible to do so! The other way to get the editor access is by accessing the C-Panel, unfortunately WordPress only allows C-Panel access to a Business Plan users only.

While building a website, there are various settings that need to be altered and evolved during the process, that can be only done by the administrator if he/she has the access to the Editor. How do you know if you have the access or not. Go to Appearance > Editor

ADvertisement revenue

In a free website, usually WordPress does not place any Ads. The main reason being is that Ads need either quality content, niche and huge of traffic to be in fruition. But neither of them are easily acquired by the free website owners.

WordPress has an amazing community of readers and bloggers and most of them use paid website , which they are able to market using various social media and content strategies, but on a free website it becomes difficult to track and add some additional plugins to monitor and make improvement on its accord.

Also if you own a free website, your website does not qualify for most of the affiliate programs even if you wish to promote the same. So why not get serious about it and go ahead and buy a good website and get going.

access to all widgets

Imagine you’ve got lucky and you have an affiliate company interested in your blog content and traffic and now you are looking for a place to place the adds.

The only place you would have an access to place such an advertisement would be your footer. That is actually the worst place on an entire website to place your Ads, as most readers would just scrape through your content really quick, and if they really liked your post they may like it, it is a very rare case for someone to follow you until and unless your readers or fellow bloggers believe your post add value to them.

The below illustration will show you how an Advertisement would look if you place in the footer of your website.

premium themes

Well, what more can you expect using a free website. There are a lot free themes that are good no doubt, but when you are planning on creating an interactive or dynamic website, these themes are completely sad.

You may wonder that the themes does not really matter, but the fact is it doesn’t when its free! But the more you explore, you start realizing the lesser you have and most you cant do. So if you are looking for cool looking WordPress Website Theme, trust me that will be a paid one for sure.

access to plugins

For all website designers and developers plugins are their best friend, that is easy to download and manage some key functions that includes Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, Woo Commerce, Widget Builders etc. These plugin are applications that give life to your website which makes it dynamic from Static, trust me all the special effects that you see in all the well made websites are just the use of plugins. That means if you had the access to plugins you could do the same magic as well!

hosting configuration

Most of the times we are unaware of these features and its importance, the main reason we have WordPress taking care of it all. So why do you need this access, how is important for you?

The answer is simple, its your storage space where all you digital assets and credentials are saved, do you really think it is safe to let it be handled by someone other than you? No right! That is exactly how access to hosting configuration can help protect. Also if you are getting a better hosting plan, then in order to migrate you website to a better service provider an access to your C-Panel > File Manager is necessary.


24×7 support

Well if you are managing a website yourself, you already know that there are tonnes of minute details you need to pay attention to. But in a worst case scenario if your website was to be hacked or there was data phishing, the Support team is the one who can come to your rescue. But because you are using a free website, dear friends you are missing out on the most important feature that is the “Support Team”.

ssl certificate

If you are planning on sharing sensitive personal information while blogging, your personal information will become public in matter of no time, as your free website does not have a potential SSL certificate to protect your information from possible threats.

There have been such situations where complete identity theft had taken place, and fraudulent people use such information for illegal activities. So please be aware that a free website, must be used only for learning purpose and not disclose any personal information.

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also share your love by liking and sharing this post to your loved ones!

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