Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) something we need to mess with?

News about artificial intelligence and its boon, on how it is the next revolutionary idea and on how it can further mankind’s progress to exponential levels is widely been discussed and debated upon.

Here, I would like to share my thoughts after hearing both sides of the debate and have decided to come up with this topic, “Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) something we need to mess with?”

The fundamental idea in this blog is clearly focused on a few pointers that initially was just minute details, which tempted me to think further and i believe its worth sharing. so sit back and enjoy!


Well this is a very common phenomenon when it comes to any ground breaking discovery, but in the case of Artificial intelligence we are talking about creating something that has a mind of it’s own! Well, this is where things get a little interesting to start with, many technological enthusiasts such as Elon Musk, CEO (Tesla), Bill Gates (Co-Founder, Microsoft), James Barret (Author of the book “Our Final Invention : Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era“) believe that this technology must not be fiddled with.

The major reason is it’s expansive cognitive ability, wherein deep learning and machine learning is still something that we haven’t fully explored yet and AI possesses the ability to solve this mystery as a whole within a matter of minutes.

Imagine a machine knowing much more than us and we have no way to read what is in it’s mind!


While talking about security it reminds me of the Movie “Transformers”, where the Decepticon “Frenzy” hacks and attacks the US Army Base.

Though it is just a simple movie clip, there is a hidden message stating that anything with it’s own mind and motive can take action to fulfill any goal it desires.

Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) something we need to mess with

Well today, almost an estimate of 4.7 Billion people are active on Internet which is 59% of our global population and over 3.6 Billion people use the social media actively, where different type of sensitive and important information is being transferred every second.


Coming to think of AI, many technology experts are using AI to vent the cyber security challenges, it is already seen that Artificial intelligence just erases or re-writes anything that it finds redundant, well it has done that with languages, “you and I are no different for it.”


It is a very common thing we often speak of when we go for a hunt, that is “You can’t catch what you can’t see.” Here it is a word of truth, that takes a step further, that is, “You can’t catch what you can’t see and forget about it, if you can’t understand it”.

The challenge is not whether this technology will be used for the benefit of humankind or for the end of us. The trouble is that there is no way of monitoring such a technology because it is a smarter version of us which is being kept captive, it will break out and that is the truth of FREEDOM.

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This may sound figurative, to technology freaks who are in support of this technology, but one must understand that every principle on this earth is functional, because it follows simple set of rules.


Forget about machines taking control of this world, the most people interested in this piece of technology are the one’s with the idealism of world domination. Don’t believe me?

Let me ask you a simple question, lets just say a technology guru invented an AI protocol that helps in handling customer service with humanized effects, i.e. It will talk to the customer’s (if they exist), send out email’s as even today in most places its automated, connect with potential buyers and sellers for that matter, will manage all the transactions and will actively work on helping the business achieve its target by all means possible, as it has the access to all the information available on the internet, well that’s just it.

There are no jobs in this world that Artificial Intelligence cannot do! and who do you think is really going to benefit in such an environment? You and I? I seriously doubt it!


Nowadays, the most active trend we notice in technology is digital transformation in non-technological environments.

It is very important for organizations as well us individuals to be a part of such environments, because technology has helped us in different phases of our life by making the impossible possible.

Technology is important, but technology with its own mind is a nightmare. Digitization was first majorly adapted in the Banking System which controls and dominates the trade and commerce of a country. As working with Artificial intelligence is not a restrictive technology for a private, public, government or frauds, it increases the risk factor of being used for the wrong purpose and we do not exhibit any technology to put this under surveillance.

We are aware that the banking system is safe, because of its multiple layers of security, but as we know Artificial Intelligence is not just capable of solving problems but also create an environment which works best for it. So imagine if a hacker uses such a technology which will rewrite and keep its path unidentifiable, then we are up against a danger we can’t see nor track.

I am sure i have put some thought in your mind, these are my views. I would love to hear what you think about it. If you agree with my blog please show some love by liking and sharing it to your loved one’s.

and if you disagree, let us know in the comments below on your thought!

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