How to choose the best hosting provider for your business?

Now this topic, is for people who has spend some quality amount of time exploring various web hosting service providers and have used at least a starter package with any of the website platforms such as WordPress, Blogger or WIX.

If you are a new website developer I do not recommend directly purchasing plans from these hosting service providers despite of the fact they are cost effective and efficient, as the primary motive for you is to learn and explore the options and become a little more committed and seasoned in this art.

If you are a newbie to website development and would like to start with a paid website, please read our article on 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE BUILDING A WEBSITE YOURSELF which will help you with the needful information to begin your creative journey.

Following are some of my best picks based on the service offerings and their one stop solution feature with a very competitive pricing.


GoDaddy is among the most popular web hosting company in India, who hasn’t seen a GoDaddy Ad at least once in their life? Now you might wonder, on why is it being placed No.4 in the list rather than No.1 , the answer is very simple. We believe that there are better web hosting service providers who give us a better service at the similar cost or maybe even lesser.

Host your website with Managed WordPress for $1.00/mo with GoDaddy!

I will be sharing the pricing and the offering plans so that you can decide on how i have rated the same. Often times there is a misconception that the best rated service provider is often the best service provider, well GoDaddy stands by that myth. But the best part about GoDaddy is that they bring the most discount oriented offers throughout the year.

GoDaddy Web Hosting – Linux (Plan)

GoDaddy Web Hosting – Windows (Plan)

GoDaddy Web Hosting – Business (Plan)


Well now when it comes to Namecheap the best part is that you get the best domain name extensions at really competitive pricing, i guess that is why it is called Namecheap. They offer a really good shared hosting and VPS service on their server. I have listed their service breakdown for each of the below offerings along with the technical specifications.

I am primarily focused on helping you understand the difference to be more than that of just pricing, because most of the times when we buy just looking at the price, we realize that we are missing out on a lot of features that would have been helpful if we had the access to them.

The best part of Namecheap is that they allow us buyers to create our own package? isn’t that great! Please remember choosing your own package is subjective to professionals only, all new users we recommend them to choose the standard packages only, as there might be a chance you may miss out on something important.

Reseller Hosting with Namecheap

Technical Specifications


Hostgator is know to have some amazing cost effective offers throughout the year, which makes it the most acceptable and followed brand in the world. As a web hosting service provider, they offer a wide variety of hosting services that is lucrative for website owners to work with them long term. If you have been using hosting services from Automatic (WordPress hosting company) you will realize that Hostgator offers some really amazing support.


This is my best pick, that any experienced business owner can go for, why? the services they offer are very competitive but more than services its about have a great customer experience and support.

Their web hosting plans are exactly focused on business or bloggers to help them take full advantage of the digital environment. Please note that if you are new to website development, please start with something like WordPress hosting, because it will give you a hang of using WordPress website builder and plugins on how you can work with it easily 10 FEATURES YOU WON’T GET IN A FREE WORDPRESS WEBSITE

These are my personal opinion completely based on my personal experience and my clients feedback’s, I have shared the technical breakup of each of these services keeping in mind that it would help you choose the best plan that suits your budget and application.

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also share your love by liking and sharing this post to your loved ones!

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