If Artificial Intelligence (AI) is put to use, where must it be?

We all have a slight idea, about this piece of technology. right i am talking about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) if you are not from the IT domain.

But after hearing a lot of debates on the exploration of such a technology does put some concern in our minds, whether it is required or not.

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But lets just imagine that there all good people across the globe and the only thought in our minds are to save humankind and the entire ecosystem as a whole. So lets explore 5 such environments that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would play a vital role.


We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global economy as well as people’s health drastically. There are many researches being held across the globe to come up with a vaccine against the deadly virus, but there haven’t been any breakthrough discovery despite of the best efforts.

The greatest challenge that the researchers find are the need of testing this deadly virus only on live subjects as these deadly virus do not survive more 24 hours in normal conditions without a host. So if Artificial Intelligence was utilized it could help us study the exact function and the environment that the COVID-19 virus finds ideal in a human body and based on it determine the algorithms at which our body functions and reacts to the foreign entity all by creating a virtual environment, that will clock down every single molecular developments by analyzing the pattern.

This would actually help us find a cure to almost all the diseases that have been a challenge to cure. And as there are reduced human efforts in this environment, such vaccines can also be invented at a reduced cost.

predicting & Preventing natural disaster

This one area that we need to use the strengths of AI, as mother nature is sometimes unpredictable which often reflects in the form of natural disasters.

If we had a technology to identify and predict seismic movements in the earth’s plates a lot before it actually happen, millions of lives can be saved and can be moved to a safe haven. I am certain that we are using similar technologies, to identify but we have non to solve such problems.

The greatest breakthrough would be on identifying the causes of such natural disaster and how that can be prevented with best measures.

rebuilding the ecosystem

I still remember that back in school, we learned the importance of the Ozone (O3) Layer and definitely studied on the depletion of the same, that was at least 10 years back, many syllabuses changed but this content has definitely remained the same.

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That is all these years our experts focused on curing the sunburn and skin cancer, and we are still believing that Ozone layer cannot the rebuilt, if that’s true then Artificial Intelligence or “False-Man” would not be invented. Through Artificial Intelligence we would be able to re stimulate the lost flora and fauna,which contributed to the existence of our ecosystem.

I am certain that we may have to deal with some animal activists who may come up for a fight saying the Dinosaurs must be revived too, so who can deny their existence! I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s how we humans are, so we will have to deal with it.

eradicating hunger & MALNOURISHED

This is has been one of the age old disaster that has impacted us humans globally, as we are fortunate we are able to have meals 3 times a day, and as per the World Health Organization (WHO) the No.1 reason of human deaths are Hunger and Starvation.

So my humble request to those who waste food, please understand how fortunate you are to have a meal in the first place, respect it and share it with those who are in need. this selfless act will bring you a smile that you can never forget!

In India itself there are 212 million people who are undernourished, isn’t this a bigger problem than world domination or nukes? Shouldn’t our smart brains be used to solve such a problem where we can save and give millions a chance they never had? So i believe the use of AI can help us create other sources of nourishment within the existing ecosystem which may not mutate our cells on consumption and also keep us protected an healthy by increasing the immunity within us. This will also make the sources of food diverse and cheap eventually.

Expanding landscapes

Well, we are no stranger to the idea of artificial islands. We know it exists and it’s possible but the challenge is how many people can actually afford such a luxury. Our world is getting over populated with over 7.8 billion people.

Now there is very little land left as it counts to 57,308,738 square miles, so apart from some enthusiasts such as Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla through SpaceX are looking at possibilities to make life bloom outside earth and migrate to other planets.

These thoughts are great, but meanwhile how do we make the best of what is given to us, through Artificial Intelligence we will be able to study various algorithm of earth’s seismic functions and on those conclusion we may be able to crack the idea of expanding landscape for billions of upcoming generations with an aim of expanding and recreating the lost flora and fauna due to human interventions in the past.

These are my thoughts on how we can use AI for best use and solve the problems that we have kept going or centuries.

I would love to hear on your thoughts and if you liked this content, please show us some love by liking and sharing this content to your loved ones.

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