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WordPress Tutorial (02) – How to add a Media Content easily

Adding a media file is the easiest thing of all in WordPress, but then why is this tutorial important? We often miss out on small details, which add immense value in the end product. Our website is one such place which we need to take care of.

The major reason we use such media files is with the objective of adding info graphics, pictures, videos and podcasts. So it is very important to understand that these downloadable assets need to be optimized before uploading as it directly impacts the webpage performance.

As per top website review sites, all pages must only have digital assets below 5 MB to ensure that the page is optimized. Not sure if your page is optimized click here to test your website for free.

So today, i will be sharing on how you can add media content easily on your WordPress website and optimize the SEO of the same.


Once you login to your WordPress Admin Page, go to the option Media and choose Add New as shown in the illustration below.


If you already have some content available that you wish to upload on the media library of your WordPress website, you need to click on Add New > Drop files to upload or Select Files.

If you are new to blogging and often times you are unable to find some great copyright free images or videos click here, for free downloadable images. Also do not forget to compress the file before uploading the same in your Media Library, click here to get this done.

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Once you click on Select files, it will directly go to your device options, where in you can upload the needed image or video you want and select the image, if you have multiple images press Ctrl+left mouse click to select all images you need and then press open as shown in the below illustrations.

Please note that selecting multiple images may lead to confusion, as you may have to edit all of the same, and optimize it SEO functions manually.


Once the selected image is uploaded successfully, you will see a notification of the same as illustrated below on the right side of the image you will ind the button edit. press edit and move further.


This is an important step that most of us ignore and fail to update, in the start while publishing a blog or for website theme. Why is this important? as we all love images and images are more stronger and reliable form of communications as scientifically proved we humans attach every experience to a particular memory, this memory is most of the times an image.

So an Alternative Text Name to your image which maybe the title of your blog will lead the readers to your blog when someone searches the most relevant information to your blog. So do you want to miss out on such organic and effortless traffic? I guess not!

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also please feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and family!

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