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WordPress Tutorial (03) – How to Post a Blog easily

“Posting a blog is easy, just login and go to posts start writing and publish it! done!” So then why is it that i am writing this blog?

The fact is that there are a few things that many new bloggers miss out and fail to understand on why they are not getting enough engaging traffic to their WordPress website. In this WordPress tutorial i am going to share a step by step illustration keeping in mind the few modifications that came along in 2020.



Firstly login into your WordPress Admin page, with your existing credentials as shown in the illustration below

WordPress Tutorial (00) - How to access your WordPress Admin Page easily
Illustration 1 : WordPress Tutorial – Login to Admin Page


Once you have logged in on the WordPress Admin Panel, go to the option ‘Post’ and select the ‘Add New’ to add new post. Please find the below illustration for better understanding.

Illustration 2 : WordPress Tutorial – Add New Post


Once you click on Add New, you will be directed to the Blog editing page where you can add the title and paragraphs and pics of the blog topic and move ahead and publish the same. As shown in the below illustration.


The sidebar in the edit page of the blog post have some series of options which are included to optimize the blogging experience for both readers and bloggers alike, i believe it is important to cover these sidebar options, and on how you can use these simple tools to SEO optimize your blog in the search engines.


The status and the visibility options in the sidebar of the blog edit screen, is to help the blogger to schedule the blogs on when he/she would like to publish for a future date. Also along with that the blogger also gets the opportunity to decide whether the blog post needs to be visible to a selected group of audience or everyone, i.e. Private or Public. The below illustration will clearly help you understand this phenomenon better.

Illustration 3. Status of the Blog
Illustration 4. Visibility of the blog


This option on the WordPress Blog sidebar indicates the URL of the blog post that will be displayed on google. If you do not edit it, this option will automatically choose your blog tittle name as your PERMALINK, in some cases it would work fine.i.e. if you title is SEO optimized, if you are working on some custom blog, you can optimize your URL that closely related to the blog title, but please keep in mind it must not be misguiding or else google algorithm with fire-up and kick your website to last.

Illustration 5. Permalink of the blog post would like the one displayed in View Post


Categories are important to help you readers navigate through some more related content if you are a blogger who covers a wide variety of information on your website, so in such a case categories play a very vital role in segregating your content ideal sub-topics which makes it easy to find, the below illustration clearly depicts the above explanation.

Illustration 6. Shows different categories the blog could be tagged with.


We are most familiar with the tags as we actively engage with social media on how we hashtag a particular community to share our piece of information. Tags in WordPress plays a similar role. Check out the illustration for better understanding. Important thing that one must keep in mind is that any post you wish to publish must only be tagged by using minimum 2 keywords and maximum 3 relevant keywords. Please make sure you do not engage in keyword stuffing.

Illustration 7. The word’title’ in the add new tag, will share the message to the ‘title’ community posts


Featured image is in short the cover image of that particular blog, As per many studies, it is a known fat that Images communicate faster than words, so a powerful HD image which is most relevant to your piece of work must be added to your post. Also please keep in mind that this image must include a ALT Text Name, which is depicting your blog. As this function helps is further optimizing your blog to the search engine.

Illustration 8. Setting the WordPress Blog featured image or cover image


Excerpt is a small description of your blog, which helps the readers to understand the content they can expect in the blog, this is very essential for search engines as well for creating the first and the most relevant impression in the minds of the readers.

Illustration 9. shows where you can insert the meta description of your blog


This sidebar function in the WordPress blog edit page is to monitor and allow comments or discussion panels in your WordPress Blog, If you are new to blogging allow the comments section would be better as you will get to engage with your readers and you shall get a better understanding of their expectations, but also do keep in mind that sometimes too many spam messages can also be posted, so ensure to monitor the comments before you post the same live.

Illustration 10. The discussion option in the WordPress blog sidebar

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also please feel free to share this with your friends, colleagues and family!

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