5 Mysteries Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us solve?

After a series of experimentation and frequent efforts various scientists, mathematicians, technology experts and entrepreneurs worked effortlessly to evolve the technology now we call as Artificial Intelligence since 1870’s.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) first evolved around the conversion of machines to computers now called as the “Thinking Machine.” Today machine learning , Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning has evolved to such extents that it is fine to say that it has a mind of its own. But as humans we understand the importance freewill and freedom, but for a machine to analyze importance of freewill is confusing because it is we ourselves would not be able to program.

So if in case, all the scenarios work fine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) finally agrees to help mankind, here are 5 mysteries only artificial intelligence can help us solve.


Today, this world capacities a population of around 7.8 Billion (Approx.) human beings and the total land surface area of Earth is about 57,308,738 sq. miles. which has a varied of desserts (33%). mountains (24%), and rest is uninhabitable land.

In the given scenario, considering the rate at which we spawn we will soon have no land left to live. As we are aware of artificial islands being constructed such as the one in Dubai, i.e. the Palm Islands. This is has been a costly affair with the approximate cost of around $12 Bn.

Now with the help of AI repository and superficial analytics we would be able to identify on how we can increase more possibilities of expanding landscape for human as well as to grow the Flora and Fauna population as a whole.


This is definitely on of the spaces where many aerospace companies like Space X, NASA are working to figure out, where there is life in space. The idea arrived in late 90’s focused on UFO’s controlling and dominating this world through movies, also we often heard of hoax news on extraterrestrial living among us, it used to sound legit until Photoshop.

The Artificial Intelligence can help us explore and simulate various possibilities of identifying different live forms cease to exist in the outer space. The most important mystery for us would be understanding on how we could survive with no oxygen or even if we find an ideal planet at close proximity as earth to sun, the biggest challenge now lies whether it would have a similar atmospheric pressure and ideal conditions to grow, so who other than AI could make it possible to identify these odds.


We humans have been extensively consuming natural resources in order to produce goods and services approximately around 60 Billion tonnes each year. which is 50% more than that of we consumed 30 years ago. This significant rise is the importance on non-renewable resources are leading to war and uncertainty.

Today we produce certain types of resources, based on our limited experience and exposure, but as soon as we would embrace the power or Artificial Intelligence we will be able to solve the mystery of regaining the lost resources.

AI will be able to predict the resources that may deplete faster than we expected, it may also help us develop a synthetic or bio programmed alternatives that may preserve earth’s assets. With the help of machine learning we would need limited human resources to discover the undiscovered, with no cost on human lives.


Now, you might wonder! Really waste management? don’t we have too many important things to take care of, lets say contributions to healthcare, technology, labor, economy growth etc.

True these sectors are important and are the one’s which usually will be taken care of at any given point of time. But waste management is important because in many third world countries, still there isn’t any measure to protect the environment, imagine we are consuming the earth’s natural resource and killing her the same time?

As per the World Bank, A study suggests that more than 2 billion tonnes of solid waste are generated worldwide per annum, out of which on 20% of them are recyclable. So you just can imagine the type of non- bio-degradable, bio-hazardous wastes we are talking about. With the help of AI technology we can find alternatives which are Eco- friendly alternatives, which will help us restore the health of our Mother Earth.


This is a major area, in fact the most important driving factor. The man’s fuel food! The facts may make us cry, almost 3.1 million children die each year with lack of nutrition and food. It is presumably an assumption that enough food is not being produced, but because of the boundaries among countries and their politics millions suffer and die.

We roughly produce food enough for 10 Billion people per year, but this food may be preferably dumped wasted out by the market lobbies to impact trade an commerce in the global economy. We are the reason to our end, by foolishly acquiring wealth that we aren’t going to take with us when we are dead.

With the help of AI, we can help governments and private companies to help develop a food source that is cheap and effective based on the environmental conditions and staples. This is where we will be able to save and protect animals and humans alike, because of reduced vegetation the pace of global warming has risen up.

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures. We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also share your love by liking and sharing this post to your loved ones!

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