How to write an effective blog? Can I do it?

Most of us read through a lot of content on a daily basis, and probably enjoy following a few bloggers, despite of the fact they are not exactly from your niche. How does this happen? What is the science behind it? Can I also create a reader base as such?

Today I would like to explain this topic further in detail, and I would like to cover some pointers which has helped my blogs to gain traffic even without digital marketing.

We will be going through the psychology of the readers and on how to define their reading behavior, also on how you can leverage this behavior to people reading your blogs, starting today!

A tall bamboo shoots out in a day, but takes 8 years of handwork and watering to show this miraculous event. So in order to succeed, you must keep going as one day your plant of success will shoot out of the ground and will reveal your true potential!


We all inherit some unique values within us, maybe through our cultural backgrounds, upbringing or maybe other surrounding factors that has influenced you in developing your behavior. Always remember dear readers that your opinions do matter, when you have a valid point i.e. if you are talking a universal truth.

Same applies with blogging, sharing your honest opinion in your own style of writing, is what makes a blog interesting to read, Well we ain’t here to impress the bots, are we?


Blogging is definitely an art, that requires research, thinking, information gathering and execution. But other than this it is the most influential platform that helps each one of us make a difference in this world for greater good. It is true that, there is plenty of information available in the internet, and there maybe far greater bloggers than yourself.


But, you may have had an instance where you would have stumbled upon some challenge that you were unable to solve. Well these days though everyone tells you that information is free, most of them are looking for something in return for the information they share and that maybe your contact information, but why should you share that? If all you had was a simple question, that may have had a simple answer to it. So there you go, your content for the next blog šŸ˜‰

The most important point one must remember while making any statements, it must be subtle and must not harm the integrity of any person, country, animal, creativity or creation. Always prove your point in a way that your statement provides value to its readers, and helps them make better decisions in life.


It is true that blogging is fun, specially when you are putting your thoughts in words. But, most bloggers fail to realize that readers have a particular pattern of reading. And specially when it comes to reading, though fun cannot keep us human beings hooked to it till the end. This is the reason, why most people don’t enjoy reading and they keep saying,” I don’t get it, what is there in reading? when I can simply watch a YouTube video?”


So making your blog a little colorful always enhances the readers experience, by travelling through the reading journey you planned for them. And the basic idea why we all blog is to share our valuable insights to others, a little bit of variety in information delivery may not be harmful, in fact most of the times these little efforts by you are encouraged and appreciated, so don’t keep low, go out there and grab their attention!


Isn’t blogging about bringing value to the table? Well you maybe thinking who doesn’t know this?

The truth is you may know it, but many unfortunately fail to understand the word ‘Value’ and its exact meaning. I have seen a lot of bloggers who blog very commercially, with only intent to sell something and earn few bucks. Well, I believe in the fact that influencing people in making buying decisions are good, but excessive of that makes a blogger unreliable.

Always, remember people value your content for your honest opinions and are committed to support you publish more of similar contents. Do not over engage in this act of just selling goods and services, because most of us blog because we are passionate about making this world have a freedom of speech and caring for lower life forms.

Making your information Crisp, Clear and Engaging makes readers from various groups despite of cultural differences enjoy your blog.

We believe this blog has helped you get a clear information, good luck with your future ventures.

We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment below and also share your love by liking and sharing this post to your loved ones!


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