How to write an effective blog? Can I do it?

Most of us read through a lot of content on a daily basis, and probably enjoy following a few bloggers, despite of the fact they are not exactly from your niche. How does this happen? What is the science behind it? Can I also create a reader base as such? Today I would like to […]

5 Must have things before you start your business

We often read a lot of riddles in blogs, and books on “How to start your business?” & “The essentials you need while running a business” The most oblivious thing we often stumble upon is that we need a billion dollar idea and keep working hard towards making it a reality! Well I completely disagree […]

Is Neuralink the “Future of Mankind”?

The world of technology is growing dynamically day after day new introductions are made, which are far better than the last one. Today technology is important for helping us stay connected and accessible to infinite source of information. One such discovery is “Neuralink” by Elon Musk, once believed just as an imagination today is finally […]

Is making money online easy? Don’t Quit your Job before reading this!

Since 2020, there has been a lot of hype around making money online. Though many in the western countries like the United States, the land of opportunities this concept of working from home and making money online has been a practice since 2008’s. We often tend to see people getting rich, and making a lot […]

Can machines think like us

Can machines think like us?

This is something that most technology companies have been working upon since the early 1900’s. Though there has been a few breakthroughs’ throughout the century. The idea of the machine thinking like us is not that far away from being achieved. So let’s explore on how this fundamental idea of machines thinking like man arrived […]

5 Mysteries Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us solve?

5 Mysteries Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help us solve?

After a series of experimentation and frequent efforts various scientists, mathematicians, technology experts and entrepreneurs worked effortlessly to evolve the technology now we call as Artificial Intelligence since 1870’s. The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) first evolved around the conversion of machines to computers now called as the “Thinking Machine.” Today machine learning , Natural […]

What is Machine Learning? Is it Important?

After hearing a lot of news and updates on Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, neuralink etc we often times wonder whether these technological concepts are different or whether they are related, well if you have been in Information Technology domain for quite some time, I am certain you are quite familiar with these terms. […]

India's Top 5 WiFi Routers below ₹ 2500

India’s Top 5 WiFi Routers below ₹ 2500

Well today, who isn’t working from home? Its all thanks to your WiFi and Internet connection, but many of us are not able to fully leverage the internet speed as before due the government regulations put upon the data service providers recently. Even if you have a great connection, it is the number of active […]

WordPress Tutorial (03) – How to Post a Blog easily

“Posting a blog is easy, just login and go to posts start writing and publish it! done!” So then why is it that i am writing this blog? The fact is that there are a few things that many new bloggers miss out and fail to understand on why they are not getting enough engaging […]

WordPress Tutorial (02) - How to add a Media Content easily

WordPress Tutorial (02) – How to add a Media Content easily

Adding a media file is the easiest thing of all in WordPress, but then why is this tutorial important? We often miss out on small details, which add immense value in the end product. Our website is one such place which we need to take care of. The major reason we use such media files […]


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